Why Do I Not Bring My “A Game?”


Many times I find myself taking it easy, cutting corners here or there because it won’t make a difference in the work or be seen by others.  In my current station in life, I work very hard, and my work is not very public.  I know I will be leading more in the forefront later in life, but for now, I can rest here or there so I can focus my real effort elsewhere.

I can picture myself in more formal situations, where my posture and attitude are closely watched.  I can picture myself as a leader of others, and I don’t see myself slouching or letting the conversation go where it may like I do reclining with my family. No. I’ve got my “A game.”  I’m intently looking into people’s eyes, asking good questions, demonstrating love and honor, and saying what needs to be said, because the time is…

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