What Does A Successful Marketing Campaign Look Like?

Marketers Without Borders

If marketers were compared to a pro athlete they would most likely be a baseball player. Why do I say that?

Believe it or not, baseball is a game of constantly trying and failing. If a player successfully reaches base after a hit 30% of the time throughout their career, they are regarded as being great hitters in their sport. In any other professional sport, being good at something 30% of the time means you’re probably out on the streets the next year.

As marketers we are also constantly trying and failing at coming up with great marketing ideas. Some of them work; some of them create the same amount of noise as a church mouse attending a funeral. Out of the last 10 marketing campaigns that your company (or whatever other entity you associate yourself with as a marketer) has come up with, how many of them were “home…

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