Who needs Customers?


Every person who manages a business needs customers and perhaps they are in need of their own.
A business will only thrive if it has a strong base of customers, so we must learn not only to appeal to them at first glance, but to maintain their interests beyond this point.


An Insightful Experience

Quick N Direct set out in search for new businesses to work with, through advertisements in the local area. We already had in mind the kind of businesses we were to target and identified them by name in the region before we set out to research them. We needed to know more than just a name, we needed to know what exactly our potential customers stood for. We conducted our research on the organisations we had in mind. The first step was the simplest; a quick input of the business name in the search engine yielded an overview of the aims and objectives. Over the following days, our employees underwent a spot of fieldwork, each assigned to collate as much information through face to face meetings. The task was to simply enquire about what the intentions of the businesses were.

A week after we had advertised our own business to the ones we now gathered a greater insight on, our first potential customer gave us a call to show interest in our service. During this call we made it a point to acknowledge the business’s goals, by presenting them with the information we had learned. The customer was surprised to learn of this. The acknowledgement of this customer’s service resulted in a smooth conversation which led, eventually, to a successful and profitable deal.

Step ahead

The first step in exceeding your customer’s expectations is to know those expectations.-Roy H. Williams
The best way to know your customers is to keep one step ahead.
Then will you know what exactly your customer expectations and needs are.

Customer need

Every customer is unique in that they have different needs and expectations. Every customer will experience your product or service differently. How we may adjust our products and services to the likings of our customers is by being attentive to suggestions and feedback, gathering from these what your customer most frequently asks to see.

Your business may need to undergo constant reformation and to keep it healthy and blossoming your products or services must continue to deliver. Orient your business’s motto around customer needs. Engage yourself and your employees by discussing how your products or services may ease the life of your customers. Your customers may be willing to pay more if you are able to meet this objective.


“Failure comes only when we forget our ideals and objectives and principles.”-Jawaharlal Nehru

It is in the best interest of our business that we must endeavour to implement these basic, yet powerful principles. If the foundations of our business are strong, the outcome and reward too will be strong and plentiful.

The principles of customer needs
● The customer is entitled to a product/service which is reliable.
● The customer has a right to contact you with ease.
● The customer has to be treated with respect.
● It is essential to complete work on time.
● Honesty and transparency at all times.

“We all need customers, so let’s learn how to keep them.”
-Quick n Direct.

Thank you for reading our article, we value your thoughts and opinions. Feel free to comment.

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2 thoughts on “Who needs Customers?

  1. nyeim uddin says:

    Very interesting article. Today’s businesses no longer care about the customers. Money has taken over and businesses know if they build then customers will come.
    It is time to educate local business owners about delivering good customer service.

    Liked by 1 person

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