“Verily, with hardship there is ease” Qur’an [94:6]

To make a decision and to stick to it despite the risks attached to it

To see it break before your eyes, deteriorate, demilitarize

To feel the hurt consume your soul, take over your being, take its toll

To weep and scream, curl up and cry, beneath the truth could be a lie

To drop everything you were meant to do, reverse, break a tradition or two

Break it down, re-evaluate. Start from scratch, is it too late?

You stop. Pray and cry. Seek counsel. An imaan high.

Clarity. It all makes sense now. You didn’t expect it. You take a bow

Before your Lord, the Only, the One. To Him you walk, to you He’ll run.

You’re overwhelmed, consumed by love. You owe it all to the One above

He tried you, He tested you. He gave you more than you’d expect Him to

He stretched you, had faith…

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